kind words

"Such an enjoyable experience of learning mindfulness and learning to weave, incorporated together. Not to mention making some new friends along the way! Lauren + Sarah have created something truly beautiful for the soul." Catherine

"I went to this workshop simply wanting to learn skills in weaving so I could create my own wall hangings, but I learnt this & so much more. The mindfulness aspect was a great addition & a skill I can use in my life. The whole afternoon was a fun time & I’ve now completed my first wall hanging! Wooh! Thanks Girls!" Georgie

"This was by far the best mindfulness workshop I have ever had the pleasure of attending! I was thrilled to deepen my understanding about mindfulness. Thanks Sarah this was very interesting. Thank you Lauren for your patience with teaching me how to warp a circular loom! Even the other participants attending the workshop were all lovely too! I would highly recommend workshops by Mindfully Woven!" Nadya

"The ladies from Mindfully Woven worked together so beautifully to deliver this workshop. Every detail was thought of to make the session a lovely experience. I was drawn to it as I'm keen to take on a portable hobby while on mat leave (and now that babe is sleeping longer and I have time for myself!). The mindfulness aspect was appealing to me as I've always struggled to implement it and needed a reminder/boost to incorporate it in to my daily life. What a perfect combination. I'm hanging out for when they offer a loom workshop so I can make round AND rectangular weaves while practising my mindfulness." Marique

"I absolutely loved my experience at a recent Mindfully Woven workshop. What a great opportunity to unwind (no pun intended!) and remember what’s important. I learnt some lessons on mindfulness in a beautiful environment with some other amazing women. Oh and I got to learn the wonderful art of weaving! Thank you so much Lauren and Sarah you are both such lovely women and I had a great time that I’ll never forget." Kathy

"Sarah and Lauren’s mindful weaving workshop in June 2018 was my first foray into weaving. As a beginner, I found the weaving teaching in the workshop very accessible. It was a fun and creative space to try, test and learn. I left the workshop feeling like I had enough skills (and the right tools!) to continue weaving. I didn’t know much about mindfulness before Sarah shared her insights with us. I’m grateful for the lesson that we can observe what is happening without judging it. There’s a lot of freedom in that. I highly recommend mindful weaving to anyone looking for a new hobby, to reconnect and have space for creativity in their life or to up their weaving game." Kirstie

"I have had the pleasure of attending two Mindfully Woven workshops so far, and I can’t recommend them highly enough! Sarah's mindfulness expertise coupled with Lauren's creative weaving skills just made these afternoons so enjoyable. These ladies are extraordinary and so genuine, it was such a pleasure to learn from them. The cups of tea and cake were just an added bonus! If you’re looking to explore mindfulness, and want a very achievable craft project I would so highly recommend it!" Ruby

"I loved the workshop! It was fun to learn a new craft and to learn more about mindfulness and be reminded about what a healthy practice it is. Sarah and Lauren were brilliant & were so generous in sharing their expertise and wisdom." Hayley

"I went to this Mindfulness and Weaving workshop help by the lovely Sarah and Lauren, in June! It was a very well run workshop, and I enjoyed it so much. I love mindfulness, and we discussed how we can incorporate it in our daily life - and in something like weaving! It's a really calming therapeutic activity- and I hope to keep doing it. Thanks so much girls, for sharing your passion for mindfulness and weaving!" Kim

"I had an amazing afternoon with Sarah and Lauren. First we discussed mindfulness and did some exercises to better our understanding, and then Lauren took us through the basics of weaving. Was so excited to do this workshop as it’s a point of difference to the dime a dozen weaving workshops available at the moment. Learnt some valuable lessons and went away with a loom and bundles of yarn! Thanks ladies!" Laura